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CDF Webinar: Developments, Updates & Predictions on Trade Secret & Non-Compete Laws for 2021
As enforcement of non-compete agreements and non-solicitation provisions have become more challenging in California, trade secret protection becomes more important to protect your company’s assets. In addition, due to the pandemic and the popularity of remote work, it is even more important today for small and large companies to actively protect their invaluable assets and guard against employees who threaten to unfairly compete against your business.

Please join CDF Labor Law’s seasoned trade secret litigators, Dan M. Forman, Ashley A. Halberda and Denisha P. McKenzie, for this complimentary webinar during which they will explore the newest legal developments and important precautions to undertake related to:

- The Californication against Non-Competes in employment;
- Federal legislation against enforcement of Non-Competes in employment;
- Court decisions expanding the restrictions against Non-Competes to non-solicitation of employees;
- Protecting trade secrets in the COVID Era; and
- The latest chapter from civil litigation, arbitration, bankruptcy and criminal proceedings.

Having a strategy for your trade secrets and non-competes is essential before there is a threat. Protect your company - Register today to reserve your spot.


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