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CDF Webinar: So You Want To Hire an H-1B Professional? Pros and Cons of Hiring and Retaining Professional Foreign National Talent
Many employers cannot find enough professional U.S. workers to meet their needs, especially in today’s tough hiring market. Many competitive applicants indicate that they need visa support on their employment applications. Sometimes the best candidate for the job is a foreign national, but how does the employer bring them on board, and how can they keep them? CDF has designed a webinar that will cover the pros and cons of hiring and retaining professional foreign national talent.

Join Rick Green, Partner & Chair of CDF’s Immigration Practice Group, during this complimentary webinar where he will cover the following:

- Overview of the US employment-based immigration system from the employer’s perspective;
- An examination of the costs, obligations, and risks associated with petitioning for an employee’s visa;
- A review of the lifecycle of an employment-based immigrant case from the initial petition for non-immigrant visas to grant of a green card; and
- An examination of the advantages and risks to utilizing employees with Employment Authorization Documents, Temporary Protected Status, and other atypical forms of employment authorization.

This hour in-depth webinar will include a 15-minute Q&A at the end.


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Richard Green
Partner & Chair of CDF's Immigration Practice Group @CDF Labor Law LLP