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CDF Webinar: Tackling Key California Labor and Employment Law Issues in Acquisitions & Mergers
CDF Labor Law LLP presents an interactive panel discussion that will cover California transactional and employment law issues triggered by mergers and acquisitions. Richard Weintraub, of Weintraub Law Group, will share his 40 years of M&A experience, along with CDF employment law attorneys Mark Spring, John Giovannone, and Erin Owen, in this 90-minute deep dive into avoiding M&A traps.

Employment law concerns related to M&A events have become even more important than ever in light of the recently enacted Labor Code 200.3 which creates liability on the part of successor entities for wages, damages, and penalties owed to any of a judgment debtor’s former workforce. That means, that if you acquire or merge with a business, you will become automatically liable for certain judgments owed by that business unless you set up the transaction correctly. Moreover, California’s very protective labor and employment laws affect nearly every aspect of a business, its viability, revenue, and stability. Understanding how the various California employment laws affect a transaction is critical to preparing one’s business to be sold, as well as assessing the value and risks of acquiring or merging with a business.

During this webinar, attendees will hear about:

-The advantages of stock v. asset purchases as it relates to employees and employment law

-The impact of labor unions and existing collective bargaining agreements can have on a transaction

-Employee classification and potential consequences of misclassification

-Potential Cal/WARN Act requirements attendant to the transaction

-Managing vested vacation banks and vacation liability when acquiring or selling a business with California employees

-Integration of new employment policies and practices


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Mark Spring
Sacramento Office Managing Partner & Chair of CDF's Traditional Labor Law Practice Group @CDF Labor Law LLP
John Giovannone
Partner @CDF Labor Law LLP
Erin Owen
Senior Counsel @CDF Labor Law LLP
Richard Weintraub
Founding & Managing Partner @Weintraub Law Group PC